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aislinceivun requested: Atlantis + Close ups on eyes

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Atlantis fans we need your help!


BBC Atantis, Jack Donnelly and Sarah Parish have all made it onto the long list for the National Television Awards.

Now, for them to be in with a chance of being in the final listings. WE MUST VOTE FOR THEM

Atlantis is under the best Drama category
Jack and Sarah are under Drama Performance,

You can vote here (it only requires and email, No account making needed)

Please. Lets get them a reward 

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Atlantis Season 2 Sell Sheet (x)


Atlantis Season 2 Sell Sheet (x)

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Square End ch4/6 - Trials of Life →


Or: cross-posted to FFN here

New chapter is up! 

THIS MIGHT BE TRIGGERY FOR SOME. Full list of warnings and potential triggers can be found in the beginning notes. Please be safe while reading - and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Other than that… enjoy reading! *radiates innocence*

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Season two of Atlantis premieres November 15th at 9/8c on BBC America

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Scans as promised.  Text should be clear if you zoom in.  They’re also here on The Heart of Camelot

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The most interesting spoilers IMO from the SFX article along with my squeeing (under cut for those who don’t wish to be spoiled) 

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spoiler alert!

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Atlantis series 2 almost a ‘reboot’ →


New Den of Geek interview with the Atlantis cast! Spoiler-free.

- Donnelly describes the new series as less of a “buddy story” and “much darker, much more action-packed,” and much more about the world at large, how Atlantis works, how the islands around Atlantis work.”

- “We’ve got a lot of women this series who are really strong and that’s really great to see. A lot of new female characters.”

- “It might not be as suitable for young children around six and seven years old as it was last year because of the violence.”


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the “how atlantis actually sank” post got like 3000 notes overnight omg i can’t breathe