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I’m going on holiday, folks. Well, if 6 weeks of studying German in a tiny little village in the middle of frickin’ NOWHERE (also known as Sussex) and then moving on to Deutschland qualify as a “holiday”.

But anyway, I won’t have access to the Internet for 6 weeks (unless I go to like, Starbucks, which probably won’t happen), so you won’t hear from me until August 20th, more or less.

omg please don’t unfollow me I PROMISE I’LL COME BACK don’t leave meeeeeee

I hope all of you have a great summer!

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Celebrity Crushes [4/10] → Aiysha Hart

Celebrity Crushes [4/10] → Aiysha Hart

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1) Dion: King of Laconia, husband of Amphithea, father of Orphe, Lyco and Carya. Played by Vincent Regan.


2) Medea: Daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis, niece of Pasiphae and Circe and possible sister/cousin of Heptarian. Played by Amy Manson.


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I decided to read this mythology book I’ve got and guess whose name popped up?


So get this, Pasiphae wasn’t only Circe’s sister, but she also had a brother called Aeetes, who was the king of Colchis.

Anyone want to bet he’s Heptarian’s daddy?

Also Pasiphae is the mother of the Minotaur .

She also has a niece called Medea who I think (if my memory serves me rightly) is rumoured to appear in Series 2.

Yes, she’s definitely going to appear in series 2, but it’s still unclear whether she’ll be a main character or not.

If I recall correctly, as well as being Pasiphae’s niece, she’s also the daughter of the King of Colchis, which makes her Circe’s niece too. This means she’s Jason’s cousin, so we can safely rule out the Ariadne/Jason/Medea love triangle so many of us were afraid of.

But is she Heptarian’s sister or his cousin? Circe never said that she had a son, so we can assume that Medea and Heptarian are siblings, but you never know…

Oh, and Medea supposedly knows witchcraft, so that should be interesting to see in the show.

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it’s been over 6 months and i’m still not over heptarian’s death

he had so much potential

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THE not-that-long-but-hopefully-growing LIST OF ATLANTIS BLOGS →



In the tags of the last post I reblogged I said something about making a list of Atlantis blogs. Guess what I spent the last hour doing?

I took all the blogs from this list and added a couple I found by looking through my notes, scouring the tags and even googling, but I’m sure I still must have missed quite a lot. So please, please let me know if you are aware of any more. Also, I’d tag everyone I linked to, but Tumblr doesn’t let you post stuff in that many tags. Sorry - I really hope everyone who finds out I secretly added them will be okay with this, and if not, let me know and I’ll remove your blog asap.

I hope this is helpful for the people still looking for Atlantis blogs to follow!

To the theme blogs: there’s The Jagoras Library :) (Not sure if it’s still active, though. But I guess most of the blogs will rise with S2 coming soon^^)

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"How did you know I’ve been thinking about triangles?"

Pythagoras - BBC’s Atlantis

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Circe turned him (Hercules) into a pig.